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Samavetah Softteq solutions is a startup organisation which intends to transform itself into premire software development, consulting, resourcing organisation with a speciality in making innovative image compression software which will compress millons of images of different fields into a smaller cyber space. It proposes to train candidates on data anlysis softwares like SAS, Bigdata, R Analytics, Hadoop etc.. for proper analysis of huge data in different fields specially for rural areas of India. Our organisation would develop software applications, which will help in digitization of everyday life in our country specially, in thevillages of our country. These software applications would improve the everyday life of the villagers in areas of agriculture, irrigation, communication and power. The software mapping of services of the rural india will be the top priority for our organisation.

Team Of Young Professional

Samavetah Softteq Solutions is promoted by a team of young professionals having vast experience in verious fields. Our Team members are well qualified and can give proper guidence to encounter any problem. We believe in sound and perfect training which are the essencial ingredients for building a successfull career in any field.


Perfection is the key

Samavetah Softteq Solutions believes  "maximum extent on a projects"  by maximizing practical learning through simulated projects. Hence our special training courses are designed as per the suggestions needs and recommendations by the verious industries.