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Artificial Intelligence[AI]

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a distinct branch in Computer Science and is popularly called ‘machine intelligence’. As it can be comprehended from the term, it is very much different when compared to natural intelligence demonstrated by the humans. It involves the building of smart machines that can perform tasks that require the intelligence of humans like speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception and so on.

Being associated with numerous approaches, artificial intelligence training in Kolkata is a sought-after interdisciplinary branch of science. Learning about AI enables you to know about the advancements in cutting-edge technology like the back of your hand. In other words, AI will enable you to create a virtual paradigm shift in every sector of the technology industry.

Scope of artificial intelligence training

The ultimate aim of AI is to create computer programs that can solve problems and accomplish goals easily. Today, the scope of artificial intelligence training in Kolkata or elsewhere has expanded its horizon. Now, you can develop machines for speech recognition, game playing, computer vision, robotics, the list is endless.

Career opportunities

With specialization in AI, you can become eligible for jobs in both the public and private sectors. The most desirable job roles in this field are:
  • Computer Scientist

  • Robotic Specialist

  • Gaming Programmer

  • Software Engineer

Application of AI

Today, AI is playing a vast role in various industry domains and is destined to play a larger role in the future. AI is transforming the below-mentioned domains
  • Software testing: AI can facilitate the identification of glitches in a software by analyzing the past patterns.

  • Cyber security: AI is being used to curb cybercrime and hackers.

  • Face recognition: It is the most widely available feature in the latest smart phones and used for identifying citizens, tracking criminals and so on.

  • Data analysis: It can recognize data patterns that humans can’t, thus helping in businesses to find the right consumers.

  • Transport: AI is playing a key role in the development of automated vehicles. Further, it will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of driverless cars.

Why should you pursue artificial intelligence training in Kolkata?
  • Increasing demand for AI professionals

  • An emerging career path

  • A huge earning potential

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